Finally ​a Budgeting system that works

Finally ​A Budgeting System That Works

 Do you find yourself trapped in debt and feeling the guilt of having it? If you answered yes then keep reading. If our parents didn’t teach us about personal finance than pretty much we are screwed and swimming in debt pool without the floaty. With no guidance on how to get out of it. At least that’s how I felt until I found The Budget Mom and finally a budgeting system that works.

My Money Story

As a child of a wealthy businessman and living in Russia, I never knew what hunger was or what did it feel like not to have clean clothes to wear. On the other hand, being a daughter of a wealthy man wasn’t all that glorious how you might think in terms of having an abundance of everything that the children of the rich parents would have.

I never had a crazy amount of toys or clothes even though my parents could afford, as an introvert, I never asked for things because of the gilt that I had (still working to find out why I felt guilty about asking).

We never ever had the conversation about money, how to manage them when we have them, or how hard you need to work to earn them. So basically I had no idea about the value of money.

After graduating high school, I came to the US and of course, everything was paid by our parents, all the expenses I made were with their money. Throughout college and through the first year of my marriage my parents supported our young family financially. It feels yucky to admit, but yes.

I had a baby and no job ever. My husband was working at a job that didn’t pay every month, so I had to go into my Personal savings to support us and the credit cards.

Right now we as a family we are over $35,000 in debt (including auto loan, and credit card bills) and we don’t even have a savings account and only my husband works full time, and I am part-time but also looking for to earn extra income on the side or finding a full-time job.

Searching for the right budget system

Since I got married and started to really struggle financially, I’ve been looking and looking to find a right tool a right system, I spend money on books and workbooks only to find myself failing over and over again. I mean it sucked! I was depressed most days I just ignored that we had debt and it kept growing because we didn’t pay attention to our spending.

In 2017 I learned about the Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey, but it still didn’t convince me to follow his system. Every time I came to the bookstore and looked at his workbook and I didn’t like it. It was too much, and I knew for sure I wasn’t going to follow it to the exact. This is only my opinion I know that his system works and thousands of people were able to follow his system and pay off debt.

By some miracle and the power of Instagram, I saw her!

I found the Budget Mom! And it was an answer to my prayers, and she opened my eyes to budgeting like no other has before. At the end of October 2018, I started her budgeting system, and I fell in love. It’s was so simple, easy to follow and everything she talks about makes sense that even now I get excited to write and truck our finances. She inspires me to keep going and not give up because let’s face it the first two months of budgeting is a mess, but it’s a beautiful mess. I’ve never thought that Budgeting can be so much fun.

My budget is not perfect.

It’s tough and sometimes painful to see everything I spend our money on and the reason is that there is no stopping to swiping that credit card or debit card. After I wrote down everything that we spend on as a family I was in a complete shock on how much money we spend on things like:

  • small unnecessary toys that kids will throw away as soon as they got home
  • Coffee! This category is a big one since every trip to Starbucks is $5, and I go to Starbucks about in average three times a week that’s $15 plus sometimes the pastries. Those trips would save us at least $60.
  • Books! I get to stop buying books, small little notebooks, cards, pens you name it!

So many other little things that we spend on thinking or it’s only $3 or $10, but when we start counting them it becomes a huge amount that could have gone towards building savings or paying off debt.

For right now my financial journey is that we live paycheck to paycheck, I’m only on my second month, and I still have not been able to save $100 a month, but on the other hand, my biggest win is that I didn’t swipe my credit card in almost two month! That’s a massive accomplishment because NOW I know that we can live without them.

My next step to start building the savings account and start paying off the debt is by getting a job and earning extra income and parallel to that keep looking tracking my spending and looking for ways to save in our budget.

This is what I want to end this post with…

If you are stuck like me and you don’t know how to start this journey to financial freedom because you’ve tried many things and it didn’t work out, check out The Budget Mom she will help to begin the journey to freedom that you’ve always dreamed of.

I will be updating my progress so stay tuned because 2019 is almost here and I know this is the year that will be one that will bring so much bliss, joy, and love in our world.

Share with me what kind of budgeting methods are you using and how is your progress has been so far.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with any of these programs. I don’t get paid for this and it’s is only my personal opinion and my experience only.