About Liana


I'm Liana

I am a proud wife and a mama to 2 beautiful girls.  I’m tea and Nutella Lover (you know the one the hazelnut/chocolate spread) 🙂

Bliss Joy Love Blog

I started Bliss Joy Love Blog in 2017 because I needed a creative outlet where I can write and be me, and share what I learn, things that help in my path to becoming the women I know I am capable of being. Because I believe that I’m not alone in this journey of weight loss,  passions, to do lists, and saying yes to things that are not important.

My definition of Bliss Joy and Love:

Bliss stands for how we look and feel in our bodies

Joy stands for the fun and adventures you

Love stands for the unconditional self-love   

I am committed sharing with you how I’m becoming the bliss, joy, and love to my self and others that are around me and maybe along the way to help you get on this journey as well.

Last two years I went through two self-development programs:  Accession Leadership Academy and The Freedom Project.

I have 4 + year experience working in corporate and, and I was featured member in “Community Spotlight” in Sanity & Self App for women.

And when I’m not working on my blog and creating fresh and helpful content for the beautiful women out there, I can be found with my phone camera in hand taking pictures and videos of my two girls: Sofia and Ariana and they lit up my world like nobody ever could,  I’m so blessed to be their mama.

Some days You can also find me on my couch after everyone is asleep with a cup of hot tea and a piece of cake or chocolate. Mama loves her alone time 🙂

I love traveling, and Italy is my next new country to visit.

If you want to know more, here are 5 things you don’t know about me:

  1. I’m 32, and I still can’t ride a bike
  2. When I was little, I used to perform in front of 1000 people at my church
  3. Even though I’m Armenian, I have 3 different cultures in me: Armenian, Russian and American (Californian) 🙂
  4. I’m a sucker for bad SCI-FI movies, you know the ones that Rotten Tomatoes hate
  5. I’m in the process of writing Children’s book about magic and dreams

What I really want to say is…

I love seeing the beauty and finding inspiration in everyday life and Living true to myself and my vision.