Lonely in your self growth? – 3 ways to to get over it

Feeling lonely in your self-growth?

Every day we get into different and difficult circumstances that make us feel isolated and lonely. In this post, I am talking about how we feel when we go out in the world and start trying to find answers to so many questions. When we start living the life that we always wanted when we start chasing our dreams without any excuses or explanations. So, when that happens and your family is not where you are this journey sometimes you are feeling lonely in your self-growth.

Having two toddlers, a husband, a mom who lives close by from my house. And I still feel isolated sometimes. I am the only one who started going through this process of self-awareness and becoming the best version of my self, but the closest people in my life are not in that path, so I do feel the loneliness and a feeling of being misunderstood.

Don’t get stuck there for too long. No one wants to be alone, and different ways where we can find the support and connection but here I will talk about three ways to get over this feeling.

1. Facebook groups

Is Connect with like-minded women through Facebook groups. Facebook became the most popular place to connect. There are many types of different groups that you can join. If there is a hobby that you want to start and would like to connect more with people on that subject, go ahead and start searching for the right group. If you need to vent about anything that is happening in your life there are groups for women that is safe to share and be a part of. I recently have joined a group like that and being honest it has been so educational and rewarding and plus I don’t feel alone because I know that we all are going through the same process, we all have similar problems, and we are all there to support and lift each other up. I also have a group on Facebook group Bliss Joy Love Group. It’s a support group, a safe space, where we women can share and learn from one another. I have a lot of inspirational, educational posts coming up there, so don’t wait to join a tribe of beautiful and courageous women.

2. Your Girlfriend

Find a girlfriend who is going through the same or similar journey as you are. When you connect you will have similar matters in common, similar difficulties, happiness and joy. And, when you are in your space of doubt, self-sabotage, and by sharing and getting words out is so healing. I know you probably have some thoughts running through your head: “I don’t have anyone like that in my life,” “Where can I find someone I can trust to vent to?” I’ve been there and you can find that one or two people in your life to be there for you.

Personally, don’t have too many people that I trust completely, because trust is also something that I believe that needs to be earned and mutual between true friends. I have one girlfriend that I am able to share with and get no judgment from and I know it will be a safe space to share and I know that my share will not be discussed outside of us.

3. Conferences

If you have gone through a self-development conference and you have been in that community and felt safe there, you probably met many amazing women. This is the time for you to get out of your comfort zone and start connecting with those women. Believe me when I say this, we women need other women for support and understanding. I am sure that there are women who would love to connect with you, but who also are coming up with doubt and not enough courage to reach out. Go out there and take that first step and START living in a space of connection, love and support so that you can stop being lonely in your self-growth.

From Facebook to your local community and between there are hundreds of ways how you can get connected to different like-minded women. One important part is to take action and courageous to reach out. If you decide to take a step and join a community on Facebook then join Bliss Joy Love Group. I will be happy to see you there.