Self Love Poem – Self Love letter

Dear Amazing Liana,
When was the last time I told you that I loved you?
Well, here it is.

I love you! I love you with all my heart!
I love it when you speak your heart,

When you dance with all your heart,

When you giggle and smile with all your heart.

I love it how excited you get when opening a kinder.

I love your playful soul!  

I love how your heart is filled with generosity, compassion and love towards others.

I love you for your honest and open heart.

Remember times when you are silly and so naive,

I love and adore you, you got to believe.

So, let me tell you, you are such a bliss.

OMG How strong you are Liana!

Like a lioness with a fearless heart.
And how lucky am I to be who you are.

You are so worthy to be who you want to be

And have what you want to have.

You are so beautiful,

You shine like an ocean of diamonds,

And You are so perfect, like a dream come true.

So remember this my beautiful bliss,

My love to you is a distance from this earth to the other moon and back!

You are my best friend,
My Love and My desire

I will always be there for you,

Yours truly,