The Good Year Jar Challenge – making every year the happiest one

The year 2018 was filled with joy, love, laughter, bliss, happiness all around the world, but it was also filled with loss, anger, unhappiness, depression, and uncertainty. There too many events, things, tasks, and long to-do lists are going on in our everyday life, that sometimes we even forget the little good parts that have happened to us in past 7 days. I decided for me and for my community to make this 2019 year a little more positive and happy by doing #TheGoodYearJar challenge, but I wouldn’t have started this challenge if I didn’t overcome a couple of things.




Self-doubt, lack of confidence, second-guessing and questioning myself kept creeping as soon as I thought about sharing the idea with the world. I believe with all my heart that the universe spoke to me when I asked for guidance and clarity. The video I recorded was on December 30th, and I was going to show it to the world that same day, but excuses, self-doubt came back, and I didn’t. The next day I decided I need to make another video which will postpone the day that I will share this with everyone. I rewatched the video, and I didn’t like it, but I thought If I don’t post this today I might not ever.

I realized that it doesn’t matter how good or bad I look in the video, or how low and strange my voice sounds, I realized that the most important is that I will share this video and I know people will want to participate, because everyone wants to go back a year and remember how amazing the year was.

My 2018 was filled with happiness and sadness, but for some reason, we as human beings remember better the sad moments in our lives. This 2019 year I will remember all the good and amazing things that happened

Details about #TheGoodYear Challenge

There are three things you will need, and they are:

  • Jar (any jar that you have in your house if you don’t have a jar use a box, or come up with anything creative to place your notes in there)
  • A paper
  • Commitment (this is an important one, your commitment to having an amazing year, your commitment to 3 minutes each week to write a note and place it in your jar).
good year jar challenge


If you feel like nothing good happened to you this past week, or you don’t have anything to write about. Just write 3 things you are grateful for and place it in your jar. Easy Peasy 🙂

Who can join this Good Year Jar Challenge?


Invite your friends, family members, your community to participate, and you don’t need social media accounts to do it. If you don’t have one. This challenge is for you, for you to go back in time and read and remember the good times.


Since my first platform on choice is Instagram I will be most active there, so, follow me @lianaswonders for updates, inspiration, and some fun along the way.
For anyone who wants to share their Good Notes, updates and just let us know if you are IN on this challenge, comment below and tell me you are in and ready to make this the most memorable and fun year. On social media tag me @lianaswonders and #thegoodyearjar so I can see you there as well and celebrate your good week with you.


Sending Bliss, Joy and Love your way

Disclosure: As you watch the video that I mention there that the Jar idea is not mine, I saw this on one of the Facebook groups I’m in.